Our lands
The aroma of the hours, of the days thinking ...
The river speaks,
Earth learns.

Valdecobos, provided in clay and limestone and rich in iron, potassium and other minerals, produced in one of the most precious internal valleys of the Ribera del Duero suffering less rigor of spring frosts and autumn and get a sun that matures fruit to perfection, without requiring organic fertilizers or treatments in the vineyards.

Next to the winery Linaje Garsea, the second area of vineyards runs parallel to the River Duero in Aranda limits. Earth, wettest and rich in organic material but also more exposed to the harsh climate, it has vineyards must take great care, give them special treatment, be more aware of them, as the water comes out easily and you have to take it down through a drainage strip so the roots seek it with care, resulting less grapes but of excellent quality.. The land of Quiñonera is tough, sober land without water. Clay and very mineralized, gives small, compact grapes. Sensational grapes that they are beginning to write our future.
Vineyards, totaling 51 hectares between own and family, all maintained by us, with vines up to 45 years old, no more than 3,000 vines per hectare, well below the 4,000 allowed by the Control Board of the Designation Origin which endorses our wines, in order to ensure a better distribution of the vineyard and greater control of production.

The four seasons, five senses.

The vineyard is a living entity, and if you love it then it'll love you too. So every sip of wine at the end result in an unique gift. In winter, the vine rests. We prune leaving only 3 stems for the future and past the period of frost, we leave two. Resist frost is good for the soil but dangerous for the plant, it will have been a successful test.
In spring, the first traces of life found us in the field, pruning branches again to distribute sucrose around branches and leaves left, thus enriching each grape is born.
During the summer we allow growth to be as natural as possible, eliminating the herbs with growers to avoid using herbicides.

In autumn, with the fruit gain volume, and made two grape pruning. Yes!, grape!, to achieve a smaller but much higher quality production. And yes, we do it in twice so that the plant does not feel threatened by severe pruning and naturally regulate their own metabolism. And without leaving the autumn comes the harvest. All the year's work is rewarded with more work, if possible even more important and crucial for the family: select which grapes become wine, always pick by hand, feeling its heartbeat, only for those that have reached optimum ripeness, sometimes at night so that heat does not start fermentation prematurely, and cleaning them and stacking them carefully in the Winery in 12-20 kilos boxes at most, to be able to monitor them and prevent deterioration.

Knowledge and magic,
time and oak.

Arriving grapes to the winery, they are selected again and stemmed and resting few days in steel tanks of not more than 15,000 liters macerating in small quantities to extract the best from each fruit.
At two hours, the grape 100% red, will have extracted the juice already announced become an excellent rosé. The remaining skin will enrich the red wines selected for Crianza and Reserva.
For reds, in this first phase of the grapes macerate 5-7 days for entry wines and about 9 days for premium wines. At this time the grape itself will be released of what we need to start fermenting with natural yeasts takes on its own skin.
Standing at all times of what happens within the deposits, they are often removed manually to refresh the skin (the "hat") that is left in the top, and spreads up to 4 times daily with the fermenting juice that occupies the bottom. Thus we are improving the homogeneity of the wine, allowing a balanced which exploits all the richness of the grape fermentation.
After the alcoholic fermentation and manual pressing, malolactic fermentation activated by the elements of the grape itself, it will round the natural and healthy character of our wines.
Once upon the wine is clean of impurities, in our case always unfiltered, will rest in American oak barrels from Kentuky and Missouri, French from Vosge and Alier and also Hungarian and Spanish. From 3-5 months our Barrica. From 6-8 the Selected Harvest and a few months in bottle. Crianza wines will be 12 months required by our Regulatory Council and an extra 2, and 12 or 14 finishing in bottle. The Reserve wines will spend 16 months in barrel and 20 in bottle.

Our wines from the D.O. Ribera del Duero