Señorío de Caleruega

Ribera del Duero 2011


Red wine from 2011 vintage

Denomination of origin:

Ribera del Duero

Vintage classification:

Excellent (Madrid 31/03/2012)


100% Tinta del País (55 & 43 year old bush vines)


Pago de las Majadillas (clay-limestone) Rainfed Pago de Hoyo Verde (clay-limestone) Rainfed


3.000 kg per hectare

This is a tribute to a Villa, a Lineage, two Kings, Alfonso X and Alfonso VIII and the servants of the Lords, servants of Santo Domingo de Guzmán they defined a region, with its lands and servants, its vineyards and grapes.
This land generated wine for Kings, wine for noble, wine for servants, wines for Friars, good wine, wonderful wine that attempts deepen in the cradle of Castilla, through your glass.
The analysis of Señorio de Caleruega 2010 you can find astringent colour. On the nouse, a bit alcoholic, but on the palate you will find the most well-balanced wine ever tasted, and overall very palatable. To drink more than a glass, and two, ... (sorry with the police)

Señorío de Caleruega 2011