Very special wines

There is something you notice in a special wine. Something that is beyond feelings that may translate into a wine and valued, rather coldly, from 1 to 10... That something, which has no name, is what remains in the wine every moment that someone has enjoyed doing it.


Our wines they havethe flavor of walks in the vineyards at dawn. To stare the only ray of sunshine illuminating the Ribera del Duero winter what is even the promise of a great grape. It has the aroma of the hours, days and testing thinking. And silence nuanced an afternoon listening breathe oak barrels in the cellar.

That something is the affection of seven brothers who live wine without compromise. We received a legacy, and we tried to turn into an expression of respect, passion and craftsmanship. And we enjoy it every day. So if that something would have the name that does not have that name would be Linaje Garsea.

We move the quality, and the naturalness of our wine

José Carlos García Agudo

Owner and Winemaker

629 430 200

Angel Javier García Agudo

Sales Manager

629 430 200

Juan Ramón García Rodríguez

Export Manager

(+34) 639 393 084

Gabriel García Agudo

Finance Controller | Sumillier

639 004 115

Ascensión García Agudo


629 430 200

Carmen García Agudo

Public relations

629 430 200

Wines in first person

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